Wednesday, June 10, 2015

End of school

We made it through!  It was a really tough year.  I loved working as a special ed teacher assistant but between that and running the kids around and keeping up with the house and everything, it was exhausting!  I learned so much and feel like I am actually closer to my kids because I see what they are doing in school and can help a little more with it.  I grew to love the kids I worked with and learned a lot about teaching and math.  
The kids did great in school.  Alyssa loved the ballroom team, had piano lessons for the year and was the secretary in her Mia Maid class.  She also tutored after school at Timpanogas and took her first AP class (Human Geography).  Christian played soccer with Utah FC which was very time-consuming and kept him (and me) busy.  He was chair cello this year and completed his tenderfoot and second class scout ranks.  
Amber did dance in the fall and she and Soran were in a play in the spring.  She had a lot of fun doing it.  She was also in 4-H after school.  Alivia took capoeira in the fall but didn't really enjoy it.  So in the spring she did ASL and really took to it.  She has taught the alphabet to Amber and they are constantly signing to each other.  Soran was in full day kindergarten at the school I worked at and it was so fun to see her every once in awhile.  She was in the play and did soccer this spring.  That girl is pretty athletic. 

 Kindergarten graduation with Aiden

End of school dance festival

Summer activities planned--Alyssa got a baby-sitting job on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, has dance on Tuesday and Thursday, youth conference mini-MTC, girls camp, California with the O'Connors and sleeping in.  Christian has scout camp, golf camp, California.  Amber has Vocal Motion camp and 5th grade camp.  Alivia and Soran are in Vocal Motion camp and get to hang out with Mom!  We have the Reece reunion at Lagoon and the Thompson one in St. George.  Should be a full summer!

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