Friday, August 20, 2010

Kansas trip part IV--Kansas!

Well, the pictures are in reverse (aren't they always) so we'll go backwards. The last day was Maggie's baptism. She was radiant and it was a great time. We had lunch and left. We saw some pretty cool hailstorms on the way to Colorado and Soran puked all over me. The second to last day we went to a space museum which was very informational and had some cool things, but way over the kids' heads. We saw a lot of stuff that had actually been to space and then watched a show where they blew up a bunch of stuff. For me, the coolest thing by far was the piece of the Berlin Wall they had. The picture is really grainy because it was dark down there, but what a great piece of history!
Space museum--Blackhawk something or other
An ACTUAL piece of the Berlin Wall--cool

We took a walk in a nature preserve place and it was beautiful. There were lots of turtles in the water the kids loved. Then we went to Doug and Sara's awesome YMCA. It had a lazy river, pool, toys, hot tub, tube rides--it was a lot of fun. Then the kids went to the drive-in to see Cats & Dogs. I stayed with the babies which was fun for me.
Soran at the nature museum

It was really hot the first couple days. We went to the Indian statue thing in the middle of the river and then to the outside shopping plaza where the kids made a beeline for the fountain and cooled off. Then we went to the Nifty Nut House for the best candy selection and prices EVER. We made another trip back there before we left. Then we went shopping at the mall and that night to the zoo. I wish I had more pics of that. It was great. They had exhibits where you could go in and feed the animals and touch them--monkeys, birds, turtles, kangaroos. It was much more fun than a regular zoo.
Soran and Livi enjoying the fountains
It was so HOT
Troll in the sewer
Family pic at the Indian statue
We also had dinner at an Amish restaurant. We visited an Amish town in Missouri, too. We saw a man tilling his land with his horses and plow, people driving in their buggies and went shopping at some stores. They have really neat accents (they speak German in the home) and they use safety pins on their clothes, no buttons or zippers. Kind of cool.
This was a great vacation! Thanks to Doug and Sara and everyone else who made it so memorable!


Heather said...

What a great family trip! I love all the fun activities that were sprinkled in. I hate to see summer coming to a close. Your family is adorable.

Nicole said...

I love the picture at the top of your kids by the space thing! Looks like you guys had a ton of fun!