Friday, August 20, 2010

Christian's 8!!!

My two boys doing what they love most.
Christian is such a good big brother. He loves to entertain the babies.
3 years old--boys and their sticks.
Christian making his boy face.
My camera still wasn't working at Christian's birthday party so I didn't get any pics but I did get some good video. I asked him what kind of party he wanted and what a surprise, he said, "Wii." I decided I didn't want them all just sitting around for hours, so we started at the park and had pizza and cake and played games. The kids jumped on goombas (balloons) and collected coins, they "fed" Mario some meatballs (golf balls) and we had a Yoshi egg pinata. THEN we came home to play for hours and had a sleepover. It was weird this year because usually we have friends but it was just cousins. Oh, and Michael, but he's practically a cousin. Then we had breakfast where Scott taught all the boys how to call, "Woman, bring me my drink." They thought he was hilarious.
Observations I've made about my one boy growing up in a house full of girls:
1. He calls his underwear panties.
2. He goes to the bathroom sitting down (until he was about 7 he wouldn't go outside, he'd just say, I'll wait until we get home, even if we were camping).
3. He sings along to Taylor Swift.
4. He's watched all the Barbie movies.
5. His closet is overflowing with dresses which he always complains he has to clean up.
6. He's a sweet, sensitive boy.
I love my Christian. He always wants to do the right thing and make everyone happy. He gets stressed if he can't make everyone happy with his decision. He has the sweetest little puppy dog eyes. I can't believe he's 8, but I'm so excited to see where he's headed.


Michael, Xela, and Arian said...

Christian's probably going to kill you for that post when he gets older! Looks like a fun party!

Nicole said...

haha..thats hilarious! He looks so little in those pictures!! wow how time flys. Did I know that your camera wasn't working? You could have used mine! o-well next time you need something like that speak up :) loves