Friday, August 20, 2010

Kansas trip part I--Adam-ondi-Ahman

Scott and the kids overlooking the valley.
Spring Hill, also known as Adam-ondi-Ahman.

Scott read some church history books a few years ago and has been anxious to see some of the places he read about. We planned a trip but it fell through, so we were ready to go by the time we left this year. We left on Sunday and traveled 8 hours to Cheyenne, Wyoming. Then we drove 10 hours the next day to Missouri. Wow, it was so beautiful. Green everywhere you looked. Some of the freeway was blocked off because some ponds had overflown. We stayed at Scott's aunt's house and it was neat. They own over 180 acres which they farm. We were really excited to see fireflies but there weren't any. We also learned about chiggers and Lyssa was lucky enough to catch some. Her ankle was all puffy and itchy the next day. The humidity was out of control. There was moisture running down their windows on the outside and Scott's glasses fogged over when he stepped outside. It made me kind of claustrophobic. The air was really thick.

Anywho, the next day we came to Adam-ondi-Ahman. Historically, this was the place where Adam, Seth, Enos, Cainan, and other sons met and Adam gave them his last blessing. Also, it was the place where Adam offered up sacrifice after he was cast out of the garden of Eden. This is the place where Adam will come and a great meeting will be held before the Second Coming. It's a beautiful place.

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Nicole said...

haha...gotta love that humidity! What a great trip, we want to make that trip soon too!