Friday, August 20, 2010

Gutter of Fire

The Grand Finale
Lots of sparklers
The kids would chase the parachute guys--Alyssa's catch

Christian, Amber (ignore the underwear), Kayla, Aunt Holly and Ayden enjoying the show

Scott's sister and her husband throw a firework party every year for the 24th of July. And what, you may ask, is the 24th of July? Utah's own Pioneer Day, and who doesn't need more holidays? We started out the day at the park where they have a bunch of free activities (making butter, relays, watermelon eating contest, making vests, etc.) and the kids had a good time. Scott was actually able to come this year and he and I sawed a log with an old-fashioned saw--the one with a person on each side. That is harder than it looks! Then we went to the BBQ and firework extravaganza. It's fun to be close to everything and just sit and enjoy the weather. Unfortunately the show was a little TOO good, though, because the fire trucks came. But they only gave a warning so we'll see you next year!

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Nicole said...

notice I have to comment on all of your posts! haha! :) next year we should join you guys for the 24th! looks like fun