Thursday, September 9, 2010

First day of school 2010

First day 2010 (Christian really is excited)

Time is getting away from me. The summer flew by too quickly and the kids are back in school. I really agonized over where to send them this year. I liked their school last year, but we weren't sure if it was worth the drive, the uniforms and the school fees. After much discussion we decided to send them to the school near our house. It's the worst school in our city which is hard for me to deal with, but they're loving it. There are computers on all the desks and they get to see their cousins and friends from church. I'll just have to put forth a little more effort to make sure they don't fall too far behind. I must admit it's nice not to have to drive 2 hours a day back and forth. And they get to wear all their regular clothes.
It's going to be a busy year. Alyssa is in flag football (which the coach is trying to overrun our lives with--5 games/practices last week), ballroom dance twice a week, piano and activity days. Christian started Cub Scouts which he really enjoys and he started piano lessons and we're going to put him into basketball. Amber is taking dance from Vicki again (yeah!) and also an art club after school.
Scott has a lot of free time now with his new job so he joined his cousin's football team. They have been playing for several years now and are pretty good, but they let him join anyway. Actually, I am always impressed with how well my husband does athletically. Probably because it's so out of my league.
This leaves Livi, Soran and I at home. We're back to storytime at the library and I started a preschool group. We had our first classes this week. I think it will be fun. Livi has lots to learn.

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