Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Catch up--December 2016

I hate to only do updates every 6 months, but that is when I have a break from school.  That last post was weird and had a lot of misspellings.  I was writing it while trying to take care of a kid in the LRR.  He kept looking at my computer and I didn't want him to see I was writing about him so I wrote a blog update.  But it was choppy.
Anyway, WOW!  Here we are again.  I keep thinking life will slow down, but it doesn't.  It just keeps going.  It has been a crazy few months.  But we will start with December.  We had a great Christmas season.  I would also like to add how grateful I am for the time to remember our Savior and His sacrifice in coming to the earth.  I love the quote in Life of Pi, 'Humanity sins but it's God's Son who pays the price?... What a downright weird story. What peculiar psychology.' 
How strange that instead of reigning from on high, God would come and pay the price for our sins.  And how lucky we are.  

 7 Peaks North Pole--it was a warm night and fun.

 Liv and I on the tricycles.

 Meeting Santa!  Alyssa was too big for his lap, I think she'd break him.  And Christian was just too cool.  Lucky for him Santa brought him a present anyway.

 Gingerbread houses!

 Livi in her Christmas concert

 Saying good-bye to the cabin.  It was bittersweet.  No one had enough time to really enjoy it, but hard to not be there anymore.  

 Scott and I went to the Christmas Carol with the Mangums.  It was so good!  Might be a new tradition.

 We had the most amazing Secret Santa this year.  He brought the best presents!  One night we got a giant saran wrap ball with candy and a movie in it.  We invited the Pagnanis over and unrolled it and watched the movie.  The last day we got chimes, which was a great gift and we've used it way more than I would have thought!

 Spoiled, spoiled kiddies!

 Prime rib dinner
Merry Christmas 2016!

Puzzles.  It's a weird angle


Jeff said...

Great, great post, I've been looking forward to it for months now and I'm all caught up now. I love the pictures of Scott, he looks really happy and well and the both of you look as though your in great shape. It's so wonderful that the kids are so close to one another and that they are having so much fun up there. The pie eating contest looks like fun but a little messy, Alyssa's copper hair looked interesting but I know if I did it hair would have been gray. What I really want to know is how did you get those balloons in your front yard to glow like that? That is really very cool. I think the picture I like the most is Merry Christmas 2016, thank you ever so much for the post, we miss you.

Jeff said...
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Jeff said...

I know I go on here a bit much but I like to check to see if you added any new pictures or paragraphs that I haven't read. It would be nice if we lived closer again, I wouldn't need pictures or have to read to keep up but I would have someone to teach me how to play golf.