Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Life--written in September

I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since I wrote on this blog.  Life has been crazy and wonderful.  I will start at now and work my way back.

This last weekend we had Scott’s celebration of life.  We went out to eat and to the temple with the Greens on Friday.  Saturday he went to soccer practice (he loves coaching) and then I took him on a surprise golf trip and we went to Art City Trolley where we haven’t eaten in years.  We went to watch the “submarine races” but realized we were too tired and went home.  Ah, love growing older.  While the day-to-day has returned mostly to normal, as time goes on I realize what a part he plays in my life.  He makes such a difference to me, my kids, his family, my family and so many around him.  I don’t know what I would do without him.  He is feeling much better but has had some nerve pain in his leg this summer.  With starting his new job he hasn’t had as much time to golf, which is why I took him golfing.  He tried taking up running but I think it was a little much for his body.  He did make it a full mile for our stake fun run day, though.  I was so proud.   He has been so busy with work he hasn’t had much time to get out, but hopefully it’s slowing down.  He loves his job.  He’s learning tons and making big decisions and helping the company grow.  So other than the fact that he’s gone more hours, it’s been great.  He is happy.  

This year for Dad’s birthday at the cabin we invited everyone to come.  The boys were going to be at comic-con so we invited up the whole fam.  Our family went up on Friday and had a movie and pizza night.  It was nice to sit and relax and enjoy being just us.  Afterwards we went downstairs and played pool and foosball.  It was fun.  The kids are way better at those things than I am.  One thing I learned is I have to teach Soran to be a better loser.  She does not handle it well.  I think it was good for her to see me be a happy loser.  Because I sure was.

Saturday we got up and went hiking to the hot springs.  It was such a beautiful fall day.  The leaves hadn’t changed too much but it was still the most beautiful hike.  We got to the hot springs and there weren’t very many people there.  We sat in the springs and then had lunch.  Luckily no one broke their arm this year.  Then we hiked back.  Scott had a harder time on the way back but it was so much easier than the last time we were up there.

That evening Grandma and Grandpa and Ayden came up.  We had steak and potatoes and squash and hot chocolate and biscotti for dessert.  We watched another movie and then the adults went out to see Now you See Me 2.  The next day Holly and Nick came up with the kids and we just relaxed—watched movies, played games, talked, planned, slept.  We had a big shrimp alfredo dinner that night and Matt and Caitlyn came up.  

Monday we went to Grandma and Grandpa Reece’s land and worked.  He had dug a hole and built a storage and we were refilling the whole.  Lots of shoveling.  Good for the kids.  We raced home and went on a bike ride with the Henlines up the canyon.  It was a perfect night and we made such good time that they brought ice cream to our house and we hung out.  So much fun!

I am so excited for this school year!  Everyone has great activities, great teachers and great school schedules.  Alyssa made it onto the varsity ballroom team, so that keeps her busy.  She has a night babysitting job at the McConnons and went to her first dance last week.  She is in 3 AP classes and will be very busy.  Christian is currently in soccer, is enjoying his orchestra class and is grounded from the computer for one more day.  He is in 1 AP class.  He just advanced to his life merit badge and now we get to start working on his Eagle!  I can’t get him out of the house to hang out with friends, but other than that he’s doing great.  Amber is super busy this year.  She made it onto a competitive dance team so has dance 6 hours a week. She also is in a play at school.  And she is in piano, and likes to practice!  I love hearing her play.  I finally gave up on Alyssa, but Amber is making up for it.  She is rarely home to play with friends.  Alivia is in 4th grade this year and is becoming more of a social butterfly.  She and Soran are in gymnastics and she won’t admit it, but she loves it.  She is also taking piano lessons.  Soran will admit it!  She has been asking for a year to be in gymnastics, and she loves everything about it.  She is in 2nd grade this year and has a wonderful teacher, which I am so grateful for.  Soran had a rough year last year, but she loves to go to school now.  What a difference that makes!

I just got released on Sunday from Relief Society.  I am waiting to see where my next adventure will be, but I think whatever it is I will be more comfortable.  That was a very stretching calling for me and I have to admit that while I loved getting to know the sisters better I am super relieved to be done.

Scott is still in high priest group and reads a lot.  He has surpassed me by far.

For my birthday this year I spend a lot of money on clothes and fixing up the house. Not sure I like the work I did on the house, but I do like the clothes.  I wear out my clothes and get rid of them until one day I wake up and there is nothing left to wear, so then I have to buy a lot.  I think I did a pretty good job of not spending too much though.  

Christian turned 14 this year and all he wanted was to spend all day on the computer and have my bring him tasty beverages.  So that’s what we did.  He loved it. I hated it (mostly the computer part, not the bringing of tasty beverages).

For the 24th of July we had an exchange student from Japan.  It was very exciting.  He came for a week and stayed.  He didn’t know very good english but by the end of the week was doing much better.  We took him shopping, hiking to Stewart Falls, the Pioneer Day celebration (he won the root beer drinking competition), to laser tag, In-N-Out, Nickelcade, the movies, and then there was a cultural night.  It was very neat to watch.  They did a couple dances and some songs.  

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Jeff said...

I know this is about a year ago but I really enjoy reading this one because it tells me about everyone, this is a wonderful post. I love how you explain hiking to the hot springs, the way you explain it I can see everything in my head.