Wednesday, June 13, 2012

End of school year 2012!

I don't think I have ever been so excited for school to end.  I really loved my job this year, and will miss the kids and working in the school so much, but I was getting worn out, and summer came just in time!  We spent the last couple weeks cleaning up the classroom for the new teacher coming in.  The last day of school our kindergarten class did the Hokey Pokey at the dance festival.  Unfortunately, Scott got that on his phone and is holding it for ransom for when he wants something.  And he'll definitely get it, cause I don't want anyone to see that.  I was really sad leaving for the last time (and turning my time card in for the last time), but being busy helps you forget. 
The kids were all students of the month again this year.  And Lyssa's last days were exciting.  We went to an awards ceremony where she was presented with The Hope of America award.  Scott and I were so proud!  Neither of us would have dreamed of getting something like that so it's great to be able to live vicariously, right?  Then I went to her 2-hour 6th grade graduation.  It was tortuous watching the talent show and all the preteens try to lipsync to their favorite songs but forgetting half the words so just mumbling.  I forgot the camera, which was a bummer. 
Christian's teacher did an end-of-year showcase of all they'd done.  She was an awesome teacher and Christian really blossomed in her class.  For a reward she would buy her students a kids meal from any fast food place and then they got to eat with her in the classroom.  For a boy who never gets a kids meal of his own, he was in heaven. 
Amber's year was a little tougher.  It was her teacher's first year, and he had 17 boys in his class.  I went and visited once and we'll just say it was chaos.  But she's really adaptable and did fine.  She's starting to love reading, and I love watching her read. She was also excited to be starting her times tables.  She was in an after school science club and really like it.  She says next year she wants to take ballroom like Alyssa.
It was fun visiting Livi's class.  Since I was at work the same time she was at school I didn't ever get to visit.  She loved showing me around and introducing her friends.  What a blessing this preschool was!  They did such fun activities and she liked it.
Plans for next year: Lyssa will be in the PUPS program at Provo High (aaaah!), Christian will have the same 5th grade teacher Alyssa did (I like her), Amber will start 3rd grade and ballroom, Livi will be in grandma's kindergarten class, and I will be doing a round-robin preschool with Soran and baby-sitting Joshua while Xela teaches.  Whew!  First I'm going to enjoy some down time this summer! 

Livi and "that silly boy Ryker."  There were a lot of days she came home and talked about him.  First crush?

 I'm bringing home a baby bumblebee.

 Livi's best friend Wendy.

 Christian's end of year showcase.  He was 1 of only 3 students who were able to solve the teacher's riddles throughout the year and sing all the counties of UT in under a minute.  He was quite proud.

First night of summer vacation--sleeping in the tent in the living room!  How did I get so many kids?

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