Monday, June 11, 2012

Amber's baptism

 All dressed in white.

 With Mom and Dad.

 Amber's cake at the luncheon we held afterward.

Such a pretty girl!!!

I realized I didn't post pictures from Amber's 8th birthday party.  Just for the record, she had one and we took pictures.  I think Scott erased them in his enthusiasm of getting ready for Universal Studios.  So, sorry, Amber!  You wanted to go to Pizza Pie Cafe and watch a movie at home and have a sleepover, which is just what we did. Anna, Arian, Aliya, and Kayla were there. 
You got baptized May 5th at the church.  It was a nice baptism, and we all felt the Spirit.  You looked beautiful in your white dress and the pearl earrings you picked out just for the occasion.  We're so proud of you and the sweet young lady you are turning into.  You are so anxious to please people and want to give the right answer all the time.  Love you, Amber!

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