Monday, June 11, 2012

A dozen years

 Trying to get out of the foam pit.


 Presents and the lemon cake she requested.

 There are so many candles!


Riding around Macey's in the grocery cart

As weird as it is for my baby to be turning 3, it's almost more surreal to have my oldest turning 12.  My time with her is 2/3 done, and it makes me sad.  She is turning into a lovely young lady, though, and it makes me proud.  She wanted to go to Lowe's Extreme Sports for her birthday, so I took the 8 girls over there and they played hard.  Then we went home and had pizza and cake and opened presents.  The favorite was a rose from Phantom of the Opera, which Alyssa has been dancing to in ballroom.  It was so popular Livi kept asking for one for her birthday, too.  Then they watched Percy Jackson.  And then the YW came over and kidnapped her and dressed her up in weird clothes and put a blindfold on her and took her to the grocery store where we got ice cream.  Those girls are crazy, but I love'em!  And now we get to hang out together every Sunday and Wednesday night!  Yeah!!

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The Jeppson Family said...

They are all growing up so fast! I am right with you friend, feeling all the same feelings. Anya turned 12, and it so crazy to think that i have a daughter in YW. It doesn't seem that long ago that we were YW, hanging out at stake activities and girls camp! And our babies are growing up. 3! This winter all our kids will be in Primary, no kids left in nursery, isn't that a crazy thought. Again, They are all growing up so fast! Oh, and before I forget...CONGRATULATIONS AMBER! You look beautiful all dressed in white! Like an angel!