Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Preschool Easter egg hunt at the church

My handsome boys

Easter 2011

We had a nice Easter this year. We had an FHE lesson about the last week of Christ's life on Monday. Livi had her preschool Easter egg hunt at the church because the weather wasn't cooperating. Friday night was the Battle of the Bulge with Scott representing the stake and Ben in the bishopric battling in basketball. It was a lot of fun to watch even though I was sick. The kids actually sat through most of it. The bishopric won, but not from lack of effort on Scott's part. He's going to lose a toenail and had blisters on his feet. Saturday I had been planning on running the 5k for months but was still sick so didn't. But the kids got to hunt for eggs and we had a couple soccer games. That night we had a family dinner with the Reeces and an Easter egg hunt and then the girls went to see Jane Eyre. I had high expectations, but it was good. The next day the kids got cotton candy, chocolate bunnies and water toys in their baskets. I had been asked to direct the stake children's choir for a performance that night (only because they didn't see me during the Primary program) so we had a practice and then a performance. It went very well. Then to the Thompsons for dinner and another hunt.

I am so grateful for our Savior and His sacrifice for us. I am grateful for the knowledge that we will be resurrected and able to live with our families again. I love that Easter comes at this time of year when things are (slowly) coming back to life. Such a great reminder of the new life we get through Christ. Happy Easter!

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Heather said...

Sounds like a fantastic Easter! I am so sorry you weren't feeling well. How come Scott gets in the picture- but you aren't? I loved-The Book Thief too! Thanks for sharing.