Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Camping with Grandma and Grandpa

Anna and Amber

Soran and Grandma (who spoiled her rotten)

Soran playing with the flashlight


The brown Green River

Since spring break was in the middle of April I was sure it would be nice weather and we could go to the park every day and be outside all week. Ha! Winter/spring in Utah lasts forever. So we decided to head south with Grandma and Grandpa and find some sunshine. Scott couldn't take time off work so I loaded up my kids, Jacob and Anna, and gear and we headed to Green River. Not a pretty city, but the weather was perfect. Our campsite was right next to the river and the kids had fun playing by it. Then we played some games (capture the flag and Red Rover) while the foil dinners cooked. And then of course we had s'mores. I was pretty proud of my mom and me setting up our 10 person cabin-tent with no instructions or help. It was cold that night so not much sleeping was done but the next day was gorgeous and we headed to Goblin Valley!

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