Saturday, March 19, 2011

Christian's room

Christian has always wanted someone in his room with him. He doesn't like to be alone. A few weeks ago Scott and I went out after the kids were in bed and when I got home I was checking on them but Soran wasn't in her bed. After freaking out for a couple seconds I looked in Christian's bed and there she was. They were so cute I had to get a picture. A couple days ago I was checking on the kids again and couldn't find Christian this time! I looked in Soran's bed (she's still sleeping in a playpen) and there he was! I don't know how Soran stayed asleep through all that but she did. Anyway, we're getting bunkbeds soon and I was going to give Christian his own room, but I think to save myself the trouble of having to track down children every night I will just put Amber in with him for awhile!

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Kelly said...

I love that pic. Last night I went in and all 5 of my kids were in bed asleep. Arms all over each other one, feet on each other... I was very happy I slept in my bed with Heath and had plenty of moving room!