Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lyssa's 11!

It's hard to come to terms with the fact that I have a daughter that's almost as tall as me, wears shoes a little smaller and is becoming a beautiful young woman. But I love it, too!
She is at a very sweet stage, and whether it's an age thing or a phase or whatever I enjoy it. Everyone keeps warning me she's going to turn into a hormonal monster soon. She notices other people's needs, she is a peacemaker (most of the time), and she is obedient, which is really good for the other kids to see. She still loves reading, ballroom, football, swimming and steak.
For her birthday this year we decided to do a "pedicure/spa day." The invitations were in the shape of flipflops but we kept it small because it was going to be time consuming (thank you Grandma and Xela for helping!). They had pizza and then we did a game where they put makeup on each other blindfolded. That was fun for everyone, watching and playing. Then we did mud masks, pedicures and fingernail painting. After which they took their cute toes and jumped outside in the dirt. I think they had a fun time. Happy birthday, my big girl!
That same night was the father and sons campout, but Scott didn't get any pictures. He was a little preoccupied trying to keep his thumb attached. He took Christian fishing and they were having a good time until he tried to open up a package with a new knife. Anyway, long story short he should have had stitches but used a LOT of superglue instead.
May was a pretty crazy month with birthday parties, Scott and I both spoke in church on separate days (I did on Mother's Day--I know, crazy, right?), we finished off a busy soccer season with a party at the park, and Scott and I celebrated our anniversary by getting rid of the kids and going to the Armstrong Mansion for the weekend. It was so nice! We did a lot of laying around and relaxing. Oh, and we went to La Caille for hors d'ouvres and dessert. It's nice to know we still love each other, sometimes it's hard to tell when life is hectic and we can't get two sentences together without interruption. But he's still my soulmate!

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