Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Livi and Soran watching a scary movie.

The Chocolate Touch (I remember reading that in 3rd grade)

Lyssa reading Thumbelina to Amber

I love that my kids love reading and I love that they love each other! It has been a freezing winter and they have learned to enjoy reading more being stuck inside. They also have to read an hour a day for school this month and they are constantly asking me for new books. The library is my best friend!
Scott had his birthday yesterday. It wasn't very exciting as he had 4 hours of meetings in the evening and I just took him to lunch. I usually try to take him somewhere out of town but this year we're holding off a week and then taking the kids to Disneyland! I love tax returns! We are finally paying off our store and our credit cards and will be debt free (except for student loans which we don't have to pay for a year). It's a great accomplishment and so we're going to celebrate.
I am so excited to take the kids. We haven't told them, we're just going to hop into the car and go. Scott and I can barely go to sleep at night thinking about it. And I am sooo ready for some California sunshine!


The Jeppson Family said...

If you need a place for a pit stop, come to my house!!! I mean it! WE would LOVE to have YOU come VISIT!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Scott! I love your surprise Disneyland plans. Awesome! Congrats on being so debt free. It is a good feeling. Have a great trip! Love Pinewood Derby season!

Kelly said...

What FUN! That is my kind of Party!

Looks like a fun night... we love the pinewood Derbys.