Saturday, February 26, 2011


Lyssa, Lindsey and me on California Screamin'. Lyssa is way cooler than me. This was her favorite ride and she went on it 6 times. It goes from 0-55 mph in 4 seconds, then pretty much straight up, straight down and a loop later on. Pretty wild!

Shootin' it up at Midway Madness. Christian's faces are so much like his dad it makes me laugh.

Amber and Lyssa getting ready to shoot some 3-D butts.

3-D glasses. This was the longest we ride we waited for--40 minutes.

World of Color--Scott almost cried.

The kids got a kick out of how Pluto signed their books.
Amber, Lyssa, Mickey, Megan and Tyler

Livi and I on Soarin' over California. I loved it! Scott took her on Tower of Terror (Christian's favorite ride) while I wasn't around. She survived, but I was mad. My poor baby!


More teacups

Sleeping Beauty castle

Mickey and the fam

Soran, Scott and Minnie
We met Michael and Lindsey and kids at Disneyland and spent a fantastic 3 days. Hard to top. Things of note: if Amber says she doesn't want to ride don't take her, fork over the $8 for the turkey leg so Scott doesn't regret not getting one, we hit almost every ride at both parks, partied until the kids fell asleep on the stroller. Thanks for all the fun memories and letting us stay at your house.


Heather said...

What a fun trip! I love that you surprised them and I am so glad that you all got to get away and enjoy some sunshine!!!!

Michael and Lindsey said...

We had so much fun with you guys! Thanks for being crazy with us and making this happen. We should plan another trip in a year or two. Miss you!