Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pinewood Derby

Pinewood Refreshments
Christian and his car

The anticipation at the finish line

Christian had his first Pinewood Derby. Scott decided it would be cool to shape it like the light cycles in the movie Tron. He tried to show the kids what he was talking about but the movie was just too long and boring. But they did a light cycle anyway. And it actually ran pretty well! Christian helped with the sanding and painting and had a lot of fun racing it. And he looks so cute in his scout shirt!
Lyssa and I couldn't stay too long to watch, though, because she had a ballroom competition. It was a short one (only 3 hours) and was a lot of fun to see her dance 4 times. She won a medal for Top Technique and their school won the trophy for best overall. She has really improved and now Scott and I need her to give us lessons.
Amber was just made Super Sentinel for the month, also. That means all our kids have had that honor this year.

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