Monday, January 18, 2016

Lots of dates and an anniversary

 Most of the time I just can't get enough of him anymore.  So we have been going out a lot more than we used to.  Our poor kids probably feel like orphans.  But on the 2nd anniversary of his accident, we  went to Taste of the Valley and then to the temple.  It was really good to remember how grateful we are he's still here.

 Standing in line at Taste of the Valley.  There was a lot of that.

 We threw a How to Host a Murder party at the cabin.  It was 80s themed and a lot of fun.  

Thriller!  We found a way to get in free--usher.  So we have done that for the past few years.  The show is so good, and even though we don't get to sit together it is fun.

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