Monday, January 18, 2016


 As my children get older I love to watch them be friends.  They have always gotten along well for the most part, but seeing them laugh and have fun together makes my joy complete.  Alivia and Soran can barely be separated.  Christian and Alyssa are movie buddies and Amber goes back and forth between the two.  

 The favorite game of the year was actually a foosball game.  They had long pipes that you hooked yourself onto and then a soccer ball.  Sad to say the boys won again.  Another couple years when we have older girls and we will kick their butts, though!  Then they found a softball throwing game and played that for awhile.  You had to make into a target.

 Liv and I watched while Alyssa, Scott and Christian played a bean bag toss game.  I love the tree all it up.  And the slide in the back is my favorite thing.

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Jeff said...

I think that is just one of the many examples of why I wish I were brought up as a Mormon. I would give anything to have a relationship like your children have with one another with my brothers and sisters but than again I have never meant any other family as nice and warm as your family.