Sunday, January 26, 2014


My picture taking skills were all used up in taking pictures of the accident.  But I am going to get better.  I took Halloween pictures but they disappeared.  I didn't take any at Thanksgiving, which we spent at the church with the Reeces in the afternoon and then went over and tried the turduckenish at Thompsons that evening.  We were brave that night and ventured out to WalMart for a trampoline.  And I got one picture of our whole Christmas season.  Lame.   We had a relaxing and very enjoyable holiday season, though.


We had to take the gingerbread house down to Scott's bedroom so he could see it.  He didn't get to commandeer this year.

 I was pretty proud of the tree this year.  I bought the tree.  I loaded the tree onto the van and drove it home.  I chopped the bottom off the tree.  I put the tree in the stand and I decorated the tree.  All by myself.  Don't worry.  Scott came up and helped put it straight after I took the picture.

Because it was hard to go anywhere we just stayed at home and rested a lot.  We made our gingerbread house and did our Christmas program for FHE.  On Christmas day we went to Uncle Mike's house for breakfast, went to see Frozen (the girls have been singing nonstop since then) and came home and had prime rib.  We had so many dinners that week!  Ham on Monday, Thompsons on Tuesday, prime rib on Wednesday, Reeces on Thursday at the cabin, Friday night Mexican food with the extended Thompsons.  It was awesome!  But between that and laying around all the time it's a good thing I got some running shoes.

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JS Tomb said...

So, did you get the trampoline? Those ginger bread houses are great fun for the kids but no one ever told me you can't eat them, after a couple of months they taste terrible. Very pretty tree, even I need help getting ours out of the shed, can't imagine doing by myself. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas, wish we had family around sometimes, we do miss them.