Sunday, January 26, 2014


I dragged Scott with us to Cornbellys.  He wasn't too excited about the rough terrain and cold while in his wheelchair.  But we managed to have a good time for a couple hours before he got too cold.  

 Alyssa in the princess carriage

 Scott couldn't do much but he managed to play a game of giant chess with Alyssa and Christian while the girls jumped on the pillow.  We watched the pig races and made it through a giant lizard.  The tough part was all the gravel.  There were a couple times I thought I might have to abandon him in the rocks.

Potato sack slide

 Hay ride!

Livi and Soran on the giant pillow

 Christian decided he wanted to play the bass.  Guess who gets to drag it to and from school?

 Amber and Daddy at their luau party for Activity Days.  I was so grateful he was there to take her.  There are so many things that would have made me bawl if he was gone.

So-So Ninja

The kids did a lot in the fall.  Alyssa did a ballroom competition at Timpview and they advanced in one of their dances.  She also played flute and piano.  Christian played soccer and did very well.  He also joined orchestra and got his first Boy Scout badge.  Amber joined the choir at her school, plays the piano and is doing dance with Skye.  Alivia and Soran are also doing dance at the same place.  They do ballet and jazz.  Soran and I have fun with her preschool.  4 kids is a piece of cake.  Scott worked at home in October, started going into work a little in November and in December went into the office a couple days a week.  I remember the first time he came upstairs after the accident I didn't know he was coming and while I was in the kitchen I looked over and there he was sitting on the floor.  I screamed.  He had scooted up on his butt.  

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JS Tomb said...

These have got to be the happiest kids I know, look at those great smiles on that hay ride. They are so talented and involved in music and dance, so fantastic. Must have something to do the their great parents.