Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Impromptu family pic

I love fall in Utah. The leaves are so beautiful, there are fruit and vegetable stands everywhere and the weather has been gorgeous. Although the nip in the air makes me dread the winter coming. We went for our drive up the canyon and got some pictures. The leaves weren't quite as brilliant as last year and there was a big fire in Salt Lake so the air is kind of hazy. But it was still amazing. The kids were already practiced up on their "oohs" and "aahs" and I think they actually enjoyed going this year.

I have never been into football, but this year we have become fans. Scott decided to play with his cousins and has had a good time. Except maybe the fist fight last week. They are getting pretty competitive. The first few games were early so I took the kids and didn't get a chance to watch, but now they're later in the evening so I put the kids to bed and go. It's fun to watch him and hang out with Holly and Grandma. Alyssa has also been enjoying her season. She has improved a lot. She was nervous when she found out she was the only girl on her team, but she's used to it and plays as well as they do. I will try and get some pics this week.

She LOVES her ballroom class (had I known how expensive that would be I might have changed my mind).And reading, of course. She's been inhaling about 2 books a day. She also had a campout with her class a couple weekends ago. Scott went with them and the got to rock climb, canoe, do obstacle courses and have smores. Spoiled girl.

Christian loves his piano lessons. He is a natural. He goes through about 4 songs a lesson and his timing is really good. First thing he asks when he wakes up is if he can go practice. I am so happy he's addicted so something other than an electronic device. Grandma and Grandpa took him to an air show in Wendover a couple weeks ago. He had a really good time, but I think his favorite part was going to the dollar store and buying toys and junk food. When he got home from his fun-filled day, he asked if he could have something healthy to eat. It was funny.

Amber smashed her finger last week in the car door when I dropped her off for dance class. Poor girl. It was pretty gross but she's doing okay. I gave her a special day off from school because she needed some attention and we went to Trafalga and got her free taco at Del Taco from school. I think she enjoyed having mom's attention solely to herself (and the babies).

Alivia has new "prins" (friends) from school that she loves and they love her, as she is constantly telling me. It is going really well and she is learning a lot. She is a sweet girl and so easy most of the time, until she gets near the computer. I can't keep her off!

Soran is, well, my two-year-old in a 1-year-old body. She is so into everything and her favorite word is "don't." She has learned to bite (in self-defense, I know) and while she only has 6 teeth, it hurts. She's like the kimodo dragon, she won't let go.

Scott loves his new job and the freedom it gives him to do other things. His car has been breaking down a lot and he's spent a few weekends working on it. He's so handy! I had my procedure in September. It was short and went well, but having a bunch of kidney stones at the same time was incredibly painful. I wound up in the emergency room to get some pain medication. Thank goodness that's over. And the doctor said I have a 50/50 chance of never having one again. Pretty good odds. Between that and the stomach flu I have been down a lot this month. I have become so grateful for my health. When they were putting me out the doctors couldn't believe I had 5 kids, and they said, "we better get you out of here quick so you can take care of them." No kidding. Well, now that my morning is gone, I'm outta here.


Jeff and Cheryl said...

beautiful pictures especially the one of your family.

Kelly said...

What a darling Family you have. You are Blessed! I love all the beautiful fall colors!

Heather said...

Love hearing all that you guys are up to. I wish we could get an impromptu picture to look that good. You have a great family.