Sunday, October 31, 2010


October has turned into one big party...

Alyssa and Alexis at their first dance competition

Evening at the Ritz (stake semi-formal dance for adults). We got a group together and went out for dinner beforehand and Scott got me a beautiful pink corsage. They had dance instruction which was forgotten as soon as it ended, but we had a great time.

Scout trip to the fire station--Christian trying on their 90 pounds of gear

Livi's preschool field trip to HeeHaws farm--picking out a pumpkin

Livi, Soran and I on the hayride

Soran digging in the sand--that girl is a little pigpen

Alyssa playing flag football--they won about half their games

Other highlights of the month: Alyssa and Christian being chosen at Super Sentinels (students for the quarter who excel academically), Scott passing the FBI exam, Lehi Trafalga a couple times and seeing "Despicable Me" at the movie theatre over spring break, hiking to the hot springs up Spanish Fork canyon (it was so beautiful), and I got a job so I can pay off my hospital bills. I'm going to be a seasonal employee taking orders for gift baskets at home. It's full-time which has me very nervous, but it's only a few weeks, and we can do anything for that long. I just hope the kids' teeth don't rot out of their heads and they get showers. Sometimes those things don't quite get done when Dad's around. We've already had one snow shower, but we took it in stride this year. We've had a beautiful, long fall. I hope I've stored up enough sun to last all winter.

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Michael and Lindsey said...

Looks like a fun fall! It's crazy that these boys are old enough for scouts! You look great Sara.