Thursday, February 11, 2010


Alyssa and Aunt Anna singing a duet (Kayla dancing)

Soran and Amanda

Since it's almost Valentines day, I thought a "couple" post was due. I need to get a picture of my valentine, but he is just never around these days. Last year I was home schooling my 13-year-old sister, which was a lot more work than I thought it would be. My hats off to all who can home school, especially more than one grade! I had a hard enough time keeping track of one. This year I am baby-sitting my adorable niece. She is actually supposed to be a month younger than Soran but was born 2 months early and so is a month older. She is so much fun. Soran and her get so excited when they see each other. But it definitely keeps my hands full.
As mentioned earlier, I have taken up running with my mom. My running shoes (if you can call them that) were 11 years old. Scott bought them for me the year we were married. So while we were in St. George I picked up a new pair. I can run faster, leap higher, and go for miles. Almost.
Hope everyone has a happy pair day!


Nicki said...

Cute Sara! I didn't know you were watching your niece and had homeschooled your sister. You are even more of a saint than I thought!! Love the comparison of your shoes. If you become a serious runner, I hear you are supposed to change your shoes like every couple of months...WHATEVER! Who can afford that?? I was bummed you didn't make it to Dannielle's shower, I was hoping to see you. O Well, next time :)

Kelly said...

Sara... so fun to see you and your Cute family! I have missed not seeing you guys the past few years. Your family sure is big and cute! I wanna know what the secret to being the same size you were in High school after all the kids?
Love the family photo at the top of your blog! Love you
Kelly Thompson