Monday, February 22, 2010

I get to go!

I got a call from the bishopric asking to meet with me so I went in and was totally shocked when they asked me to be the assistant Girls Camp director! I am so excited! Especially as Scott said he will support me (after commenting what choice did he have and I said he could choose to be grouchy or happy about it). This is good because he has a strong dislike for Girls Camp. When we got engaged I was the leader and wanted to postpone our wedding until afterwards. He didn't like that. So instead I took off 2 weeks after we got married and left him. He wasn't too happy about that either. But he said this time he's happy about it because he's going to take a week off work and play computer --with the kids of course. Anyway, it will be great.

Amber was student of the month for February. That was NOT such a big surprise as Grandma sent out an email at the beginning of the year listing what order her granddaughters would be the student of the month. But she was really excited and got a TON of free kids meal tickets.

Alivia is starting to talk so much. The other day she was trying to talk to me and Christian was talking to her at the same time and she turned around and said, "be quite, trying to talk to mom." It was so funny. Christian is my toothless goon right now. I went into his room in the dark and started taking pictures which is why his face is so weird.

Soran, on the other hand, finally got a tooth! Last week her first tooth came through. I hope the other one will come soon as she isn't sleeping very well.

Tomorrow is my last doctor appointment for my kidney! Yeah! Although I am grateful for feeling good every morning I wake up.


Our Family said...

HA! Come back when I have a tween-er, boy scout, kindergartner, toddler, baby and recovering from a bum kidney...then you wont think I'm that cool!! :)
As for your greyness...we all over here in the desert will envy your beautiful colorful summers.

Karen Reid said...

Fun! When is girl's camp?

Kelly said...

I was called to be the Camp leader too. We will have to come up with some fun ideas and share it with eachother. Good ol' camp! Those girls will be so lucky to have you! To bad we can't go together!

Michael and Lindsey said...

Wow! Girl's camp would be so much fun. Sounds like Scott won't mind taking the time off:) Congrats to Amber on Student of the Month! Hope you guys are well. Thanks for helping Michael out last weekend!

Heather said...

Oh- I love girls camp. This is Katry's first year at camp and I am excited that I will get to spend some time up there with her. I have the best memories of girls camp. Those girls are lucky to have you!