Saturday, August 2, 2014

Scott's trips

 Scott was able to go on a couple business trips at the beginning of this year.  In February he went to San Diego.  The only reason I let him go (as he was barely getting around, and using a walker most of the time) was because his boss John was going with him.  John was such a help while Scott was in the hospital.  He came to see us several times, assured Scott he could work from home as soon as he could and made sure we were taken care of.  It was such a relief.  So I knew he'd be in good hands.  They had a great time sight-seeing and eating, of course.  Man, if I had a nickel for every time he went out to eat with work I could go out to eat every once in awhile.

In March he went to a conference in Georgia.  This is a picture of the hotel standing from the bottom floor.  He had a good time but totally wore himself out.  He got to see the music group Fun, got to go to a VIP dinner, brought home a TON of crap for the kids and came home in a lot worse shape.


Jeff said...

Very, very nice, I love all the pictures, they are so collorful and pretty and I love Scott's new car.

Jeff said...