Saturday, August 2, 2014

Legoland/Knotts Berry Farm/Whale Tour/SeaWorld in 4 days!

In February we went to Arizona and California to get some much-needed sun and warmth.  We met up with the Bowens and had such a great time!

 The new temple in Gilbert, AZ.  It is such a beautiful building.  We went to a Thai restaurant with Michael and Lindsey and then went to see this. 

 Lemons on the way to California.  Made my mouth water just looking at it.

 Started with Knotts Berry Farm on Wednesday.  We hit almost every ride and even left a little early, which isn't like us, but I think everyone was a bit ill and had a headache from all the roller coasters.  We went back to our hotel and watched a movie.  Scott got us a great upgrade to a suite so almost everyone had a bed and we had 2 rooms.  It was nice to be able to spread out!

 This was the best ride.  You lean onto these horse things and then shoot off really fast.  I loved it!

 Scott went on the red and gold coaster.  He thought afterward it might not have been the best idea.  Alyssa went on everything, as usual.  That girl is crazy.

 Next up was Legoland.  We spent a day and a half there.  Scott caved and got a wheelchair to ride around on, which probably saved his life.  It was fun and most of the rides were great for the kids.  

 Who's smarter?  I definitely know who's cuter.

 Jeremy, Christian and Tyler in front of the American lego land.

 Lyssa and Amber in front of the Chicago lego land.

 Alivia and Megan on The Dragon!  All of us rode it together.

 These two hit it off well.  They loved to spend time together (they giggled for pretty much the whole time) and Soran was constantly talking about Lucy for months afterward.

 Lego driving land.

 Scott and I went to dinner at a seafood place near the hotel.  It was amazing.

 Whale watching!  I was doubtful about seeing anything, but we saw a lot of animals.  It was neat to watch the dolphins swim next to the boat and jump around it.  We saw a couple of California gray whales.  We also saw otters.  It was too bad Scott got seasick and Alyssa was cold.  They pretty much just laid on the bench the whole 4 hours.

 Discovering how long different sea animals are.

Navy ship in the background.

 SeaWorld!  A cool fish tank near the Poseidon ride.

Petting the stingrays while Scott, Lyssa and Christian rode the Ray ride.  The kids loved the dolphin show and all said they wanted to be animal trainers afterwards.  We got on most of the rides, but we were only there for about 7 hours, so it was rushed.

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Jeff said...

The Navy Ship in the backround is I believe the CVN 76 The USS Ronald Reagan Stationed in San Diego.

Length: Overall: 1,092 feet (332.8 m)
Beam: Overall: 252 ft (76.8 m)
Complement: Ship's company: 3,200
Air wing: 2,480
I may have had a hard time in the Navy but I still love seeing those ships.