Tuesday, October 23, 2012

First day of school!

 Amber's in 3rd this year and Christian's in 5th.  I can't believe it!  Scott took Amber shopping this year and she got a smelly t-shirt.  Why you'd want to wear something that makes people want to sniff you is beyond me. 
 Alyssa's a high schooler!  Well, technically she's in 7th grade but she got into the PUPs program and is attending the high school this year.  She had a rough first day (she forgot her schedule and got lost a couple times.  Plus, they do an A/B schedule and she couldn't figure out which class she was supposed to be going to), but I think she really likes it now.  She has gotten so tall and is a lovely young woman.
 She bought her own first day of school clothes.  I love baby-sitting!
 Livi with her teacher--Grandma!
 So cute on her first day of kindergarten.  My mom spoils her so rotten I'm tempted to pull her out and put her somewhere she won't think she's the center of the universe.
 Soran's first day of preschool with her best friend, Aurora. 
She came up with this pose all by herself.  Doesn't she look like a sweetie?  Ha!

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The Jeppson Family said...

PUPs program. I have never heard about that. Give me some more info. Plus would love to have an email from you in my in box :) Our kids just keep growing and growing!