Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Autumn and the hot springs

Lyssa is taking a photo class this year and so she took most of the pics.  We went on this hike to the hot springs a couple years ago and it was one of the most beautiful I had ever been on.  So we made sure to do it this year.  And my family said that counted for our fall excursion, so no drive up the canyon this year.  It was a perfect autumn day.  And the scenery--well, it speaks for itself. 

 There are several small pools and they are different temperatures based on how much stream water is mixing with the hot water from the springs.  This one was about perfect.
 Soran is usually my crazy one.  But there was a lot of black slippery moss on the rocks and she was scared cause she couldn't walk very well.
 Living the dream.
 Lyssa and Christian lounging in the water.
Me eating lunch.  It's a pretty tough hike.  5 miles with a lot of hills.  But the kids did awesome.  We only had to carry a couple of them when we almost reached the end.  Way better than last time where Scott had to carry Soran both ways and I carried Livi all the way back.  I love having older kids.

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JS Tomb said...

I just want to know where this is and time of the year these beautiful pictures were taken. Just not sure about a 5 mile hike, might have to have Scott carry me out.