Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Universal Studios

My kids LOVE Scooby Doo so this was a big moment for them
The Bates motel--what is he carrying?
The last splash on the Jurassic Park ride--there were no lines that day (Scott in front, Christian, Tyler and Lyssa in the back)
I love this pose. No matter what scary monster it was, Soran did this cutie pie princess pose. It cracked me up! This is at The Mummy ride, which was my and Christian's favorite. It was awesome. The ride starts out with mummies trying to grab you and then it goes dark and they speed you up really fast and the ride's pretty good, but then you stop right before you run into a wall and then you go backwards through the ride. It was so fun! I went on it 3 times.
Thompsons vs. Simpsons (who will win the giant pink donut?)
Amber with the giant pink donut
3D glasses for the studio tour and King Kong (that was the overall favorite part--the 360 degree 3D King Kong experience)

Michael and Lindsey drove out and met us on Thursday morning at the park. I had been worried the park was going to be small and we'd get through everything in one day and be bored, but it was great! The kids could ride on almost everything, and it was so interesting. The park wasn't too big and a lot of the rides were long so we could sit for a long time. It was great for our family.
Seeing the different sets was really interesting. And I liked how everything you went on was like being right there in the movie. We went 2 days and barely got through everything. Saturday we were going to go to Six Flags, but the weather turned hurricaneish so we left instead. As we already bought tickets, we already have a vacation for this fall planned out! Can't wait to go back.

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