Thursday, February 16, 2012


The silver, gold and bronze cup
The anticipation at the finish line
Gold cup and gold medal
Our weekends have been pretty packed with basketball, dance and meetings lately. About a month ago, Christian had a basketball game, Alyssa had a dance competition, we had the pinewood derby and I was in charge of our ward chili cookoff that night. Christian has actually been making some shots at his games and is really starting to like basketball. Alyssa works hard at her dance and it shows. We are so impressed when we get to watch her. And the culmination of the day's efforts--first place for both kids!
Scott hadn't had a lot of time to work on Christian's pinewood derby car with him, and we were surprised when he won first out of about 12 boys. But it was exciting! The chili cookoff went really well. We got some family pictures taken but haven't gotten them back yet. We did a western theme and everyone dressed up. I am just really glad that's over! We went to bed tired but feeling pretty good.

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Heather said...

Congrats to all the winners! What a full, happy life you have! Such great blessings! Thirty five is rough- but I am facing forty this year and it is downright depressing! :) It is all good though! Thanks for sharing!