Thursday, December 30, 2010


Soran loves her new Princess couch

Cracker hats

Kylee helping Soran with her massive sucker from Grandma

Gingerbread houses

We had a really good Christmas this year. Although getting ready was very hectic. I haven't been able to post for awhile because I got a seasonal job taking phone orders and was working full time. When that was over I had a week and half to get everything ready. I never realized how much work it is until I had a limited time to do it!
I lucked out this year and got a gingerbread village, so each kid (plus Scott) got their own house to decorate. They turned out pretty cute, I think. We went to the annual Thompson Mexican dinner and white elephant gift exchange. We walked away with some books and a slightly used glass bowl. My family did an unpracticed nativity with all the grandkids on Christmas Eve which turned out cute and chaotic at the same time. Then we went to Thompsons where the kids were completely spoiled, as usual. We went home and had our English crackers and got ready for bed. This was the first year the kids woke up before us. They were up at 5:50! And I think this is the first year I could have slept in rather than waking them up. Then we went to Aunt Julie's house for crepes. Then to Tangled, which Soran let me sit most of the way through. And then NAPS and then Christmas dinner at Grandma's. It was a nice day and I think our kids are totally spoiled. But I am glad for the season and the spirit it brings and the remembrance of our Savior and his earthly life.


kory and tina family said...

Sounds like you guys had a great Christmas. Isn't it great to be near family, especially around the holiday's.

Nicole said...

Love the gingerbread houses! What fun, we didn't do that this year...:( we should have since we were all stuck in. o-well next christmas. Thanks for the text :) your too funny! I now have that book on hold.