Thursday, December 30, 2010


Lobster dinner, anyone?

Amazing variety

Lyssa petting the stingray

Can you see the frog under all those kids?

Soran and the ghost fish

I have wanted to take the kids to the aquarium for a long time but it's expensive. So when my friend told me they were having a free day, we went. Even though the line wrapped around three sides of the building outside in December. Actually, the weather was nice and they were handing out smoothies while we waited so it wasn't too bad. And I was really glad we took the time. It was fun and interesting. They had starfish, crabs and stingrays to pet. Although Christian wouldn't touch the stingrays despite really wanting to. He would beg me to help him, and I would take his hand and hold it into the water, but as soon as a ray got close, he was outta there. Soran loved the kids place where there were lots of aquariums on her eye level. Lyssa and Amber liked seeing the sharks and petting the stingrays. We saw an electric eel that was connected to a Christmas tree and when it would move the lights would light up. And we saw an octopus all scrunched up. They are really smart! They can unscrew the top and get out of their tanks. And I think the pictures say the rest!

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Nicole said...

Love the aquarium! Isn't that tank so small for the octopus? So wonders it gets out. :)