Friday, January 8, 2010

And that's how it's done!

Livi, happy to be a big girl

I had to get down that ALIVIA'S POTTY TRAINED. Well, mostly. But we've gone all day today without any accidents, which I think is a major milestone. I kind of started in December just in the mornings. I was usually done by noon. But this week with the kids at school it was full-time, and isn't it a full-time job? Asking every 10 minutes, putting them on the toilet every 20 and then cleaning up the messes. But it's so good to know that we've completed (kind of) a major milestone. Although it will be a few months before she'll be "finished."

We had a great New Years holiday. We were able to catch up with a lot of old friends. I saw one of my old friends from high school and Scott got together with his best friend from high school and he and his son played Wii with my boys until 1:00 am. They had a good time and Christian wasn't even too hung over the next day. Then our dear friends the Henlines came over for dinner and games. Made us miss Arizona. And then the Jeppsons and their new twins came over later that week. It's amazing how friendships can survive over the years with so little contact.

We spent New Years Eve with Mike and Nicole and it was a lot of fun. We stayed up playing games until 12:00 (all the kids made it except Soran--Alivia was still going strong) and then rushed to bed. The next day we went tubing which was a lot of fun and then Nicole and I went shopping which was a much needed break for me. With Scott being gone so much I have dragged 5 children everywhere getting ready for Christmas. It's been nice to stay home. We were so glad to kiss 2009 good-bye and welcome 2010 with open arms!


Nicki said...

YAY for Livi! That is a HUGE milestone and yes, potty training is a full-time job! Your children are so beautiful!

The Jeppson Family said...

We had a blast visiting with you guys. Wish we could have stayed longer. This summer we will have to plan something more in advance, and the guys will have to go golfing! And Yay, Livi!!!

Michael and Lindsey said...

Good job, Alivia! Maybe you can send her to our house and show Megan how it's done:)