Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christian's Tooth

Christian finally lost his first tooth. He was a real man about it. He kept begging us to pull it out because he had plans for that dollar the tooth fairy was going to give him. In fact, he's been waiting for quite awhile for it to fall out. Before Christmas he was asking for a green bike. I told him it cost a lot, about 65. He asked 65 what? I said 65 dollars. He thought about that for a minute and then asked, how many teeth do I have? Anyway, now Amber is very excited for her teeth to get loose.
It is nice now that school has started and the routine is going again. Alyssa and Christian are both in the spelling bee at school next week. I thought they were going to be competing against each other, but they are too many grades apart. We did Amber's preschool at our house this week and it was fun. Alivia LOVES nursery. She doesn't even wait for us to go in. As soon as she knows where she is she runs in. It's cute, and oh so nice. Although I feel very selfish just sitting by myself through Sunday School and Relief Society. It's been 6 years, though. Scott is going to play basketball tonight with a league and he's very nervous. He went and bought some new shoes last night to help his game. It's so cute that he's worried about how he's going to do.
Hope you are all well and good luck to all those with babies coming soon! There are so many! I'm jealous!
Oh, and I realize I forgot to post that we are having another girl. Scott is working through his disappointment.

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Nicole said...

Christian is so is he saving now? :) Thats so funny!

How did Scotts game go?

And I miss Sunday School and Relief Society...I got 2 months of pure bliss! Glad you get to enjoy it! Don't feel selfish!