Friday, January 23, 2009


First, I just have to say how smart I am! Well, a little behind the rest of you but I was so excited to figure out how to put some wallpaper (is that what it's called?) up. And I did it all by myself. Yeah for me!
Aliva got two dolls for Christmas and she insists one of Amber's is also hers, and she is constantly seen trying to carry all of them at the same time. If only she liked real babies that much. She is getting to a very jealous stage and I worry for our next one. She is in for a rough time.
Alyssa and Christian both participated in their spelling bee and did good but got out fairly quickly. The pressure was pretty intense. There was a stage, an audience, 4 judges and a microphone. I was probably more nervous than they were. But Scott sure was proud of having the Thompson name twice in the program. He even left work to watch both of them. He didn't even take off work while I was in the hospital!
Just to rub it in a little to those of you buried in the snow, we have been to the park a couple times in the last week--without jackets. It's been so nice. Gotta love Arizona!


Brandy Young said...

The blog looks great!

Congrats to your two in the spelling bees! I agree that those bees can be very intense. They are all so nervous up there!

I have some pics of Alyssa if you want them I can email them to you.

Nicole said...

aaah..sunny sunshine! mmmm sounds good! :) Congrats to Christian and Alyssa in the spelling bee! Give them a hi five for me!

I think your blog is so so cute!!
Great Job! I knew you could do it!