Friday, October 31, 2008

The Spoils

Now, I know most of you feel the way I do that Halloween is getting out of control, but every year I am still amazed at how crazy it is. We will have candy until Christmas. This year we had a devil, an unhappy little Indian, a cheerleader and a princess. Not bad for about $20.

I made the kids eat a nice, healthy dinner and then we got dressed (screaming, chasing, getting dressed, makeup, hair, getting dressed again) for Trunk or Treat. The kids had a good time and then Christian and Alyssa took off with some friends and went and got even MORE candy.
Boy, am I glad that's over. On with the next holiday!


Xela, Michael, and Arian said...

Cute kids! Cute costumes!

Nicole said...

so cute!!~ I love the custumes! Sounds a lot like our night!

Jeff and Cheryl said...

Oh,my gosh Sara, your daughter has your long skinny spider legs!!
Love ya