Sunday, August 17, 2008

Camping II

This time it didn't even phase me that we didn't have bathrooms. Michael and Lindsey came from Mesa and we went up the "mountain" to spend the night. It was kind of scary at first with lightning, rain and cold winds. But the evening was beautiful after about 10:00 and we had a good time just sitting around the campfire. Amber got a lot of smoke in her eyes and couldn't figure out what was wrong.

Unfortunately, while the kids were playing in our tent, they spilled water all over and our bed was so cold! Scott and I took turns rolling over and keeping the other one warm while we waited out the night. We didn't get much sleep. But the next morning was nice so we took the kids shooting and picked wild blackberries off the hill. Much blood was lost to those plants, but it was worth it that night for the shakes we made!
The girls got to go out that afternoon and I got my first real pedicure. It was, um, fun? Painful? Gross? Remember, we had just gone camping and the lady doing mine had a lot of work cut out for her. Not only that, but I am either in sandals or bare feet. She asked me which spa I had gone to before, because they obviously didn't do a good job. But the results were wonderful. I can't believe these are my feet. Thanks so much to the guys for letting us go and Lindsey for taking me!


Nicole said...

Oh my!! Are those your feet? NO way! just kidding! They lovely! Pedicures are great...especially for all of us that walk around barefoot all the time! Or flip flops!

Poor Amber! so sad! I love all your pictures though, looks like you guys are having lots of fun!

Lindsey said...

Look at those hot toes! Thanks for putting up with us for the weekend. We had a great time.

Ben & Amberly said...

Looks like tons of fun. I love camping. I wish Ben had more free time to take our family camping in the mountains.

Brandy Young said...

Fun stuff!
I have never had a pedicure...but I had my nails done once and that hurt! That lady didn't know what she was doing though. :/

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