Sunday, October 26, 2014

First day of school and random summer pics

I can't believe my little boy is in 7th grade.  I can't get him to wear pants, even in the dead of winter.  I finally told him if it's below freezing he had to wear them.  Crazy kid.  I have a picture of Alyssa somewhere, I will get it later.

Amber (5th grade) and Livi (2nd grade).  Neon is back this year.  Cute girls!

Soran had to wait another 2 weeks before she started, which about killed her.  Here she is, my baby, a kindergartener!

Lyssa and Christian got to go to youth conference in August.  They had a good time.

Alexis and Amanda came for the summer.  We had so much fun with a sister and a cousin!

FHE writing nice things about each other on their backs.

This year our family as we've known it has officially ended.  We no longer have dinner together every night.  We can't find a single evening where we are all home together.  It makes me incredibly sad, but I guess I knew it was going to happen.  Alyssa made it onto the JV ballroom team this year, and when I went to the parent meeting I knew it was going to take over our lives.  With competitions, performances, practices and fundraising, piano, volunteering at Timpanogas, serving in her Young Womens group and friends she is always gone.  But that was before Christian made it onto the competitive soccer team with Utah FC.  THAT was what really changed things.  He has practices a couple days a week and games at least once a week, and we are traveling all over the valleys to get him to his games.  He is also in orchestra and taking Chinese (which he loves).  Amber is in 4H, piano and dance.  Alivia is in capoeira, thankfully her school started an after school program for that so I don't have to drive her anymore.  Soran is in dance and started doing full day kindergarten at the school I work at.  She loves it, and it is nice to have her busy.  She crashes at the end of the day.  I wouldn't have them miss any of their activities, but I will surely miss the days when we all sat down every night and ate together.  

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