Monday, June 9, 2008

Wow! What a weekend.

Wow! What a weekend. It's been a while since I last posted because I went slightly manic and decided to overhaul my house before company came for Alyssa's baptism. We painted, changed light fixtures, got new curtains and slept very little.

Scott's parents and his sister and her family came all the way from Provo for 1 day to be here. Thanks so much! And to Lindsey for driving from Mesa by herself with the kids. We appreciate all who were able to be there. What an awesome experience. Alyssa looked beautiful in her white dress and everything went well. The talks were really good, and just at her level. Scott threatened everyone with pain if they went over 3 minutes to speak, and we had everything over in about 1/2 hour. And then we had a luncheon with a 6 foot sub and was good except for the cake which was supposed to be white but turned out to be carrot. Alyssa didn't even touch it. Oh, well!

Afterwards the girls went shopping (again--I guess our prices are better than Utah's because we did that a lot) and the guys napped/watched the kids. Then we had a BBQ and celebrated Alivia's birthday. She got her own piece of cake and a bunch of clothes that she can finally wear next week after her cast comes off. We'll definitely send pics of that. I am so curious what her legs are going to look like.
Until then, thanks for everything all of you do. Hope you have a great day and we can't wait to see everyone in Utah next week!


Nicole said...

Alyssa looks so pretty in her white dress! I love the picture of your family too! Congratulations Alyssa! You made such an important disicion in your life, you will receive so many blessings from all the good choices your making! I remember when I was baptized and my life will not be the same again! Love you guys! Oh! Alivia is growing up! she's adorable! See ya laters alligators!

Schultz Family said...

So glad to see you on the internet. Alyssa looks so pretty in the pictures that Kerrianne took! I will add you to my buddies list.

Brandy Young said...

Hey Sarah! and family!
We had good time tonight! We need to not go so long before our next visit again!
Thanks for inviting us, we always love to hang out with you guys!

gladent said...

Sara, Sorry I took so long to respond. This was a great idea and I will make sure to help mom learn to use it. We had a great time in Prescott and will allways treasure you and your family. Alyssa, you make me very proud and I was honoured that you trust me with giving you a blessing, I will allways work hard to keep your friendship and trust so ask me anything anytime.I love you guys and think of you allways.